Pros and cons of using wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are circular metal spacers put between the hub of a car and its wheel. Spacers usually set the wheel far from the body of the vehicle and are preferred for several reasons. They can also be described as devices that are placed between the hub and the wheel to make room for clearance between the two.

Wheel spacers come in two different types. One of them spots a simple design that skates on top of the wheels lug bolts while the second type integrates a bolt-on design which links to the vehicles hub. After that, bolts are used to fix the wheels to the wheel spacers.

Some of the benefits of using wheels spacers include

a) Helping in wheel fitment

In instances where wheels of wrong offset are to be fitted in a vehicle, wheel spacers come in handy to ensure the wheels fit well on the vehicle. Wheel spacers can also be used to fit wheels that tamper with suspension mechanism or the body on the inner wheel circle. In this case the wheels could be moved further away from the body of the vehicle.

b) Appearance.
Another main reason why drivers prefer using wheel spacers is to add beauty to the look of their automobiles. Vehicles spotting wheels that extend towards the body edge give the vehicle a splendid look. One of the companies that have over the years used wheel spacers to style their vehicles and to make them appear more aggressive includes Porsche. It is important that when wheel spacers are used, they should not be extra wide as they might make the wheel sit far away from the vehicle body giving it an odd design.

c) Performance.

Wheel spacers also enhance vehicle handling. Once the wheel spacers are fitted between wheel and the hub, the wheel is shoved off the chassis broadening the track. This leads to a more enhanced grip and safe cornering as well. Spacers also impact on handling balance by enhancing grip on the rear of the vehicle if they are installed at the back. This leads to safe cornering as the rear wheels where spacers are fitted hold firmly on the road whereas the front tends to pull on the outer side of the road.


a) Wheel spacers can cause problems as they may push the wheels nearer the fender lips. This may affect the rotation of the wheels.

b) Wheel spacers can lead to continuous suspension and hub component wear due to the additional pressure they put on  parts that were not designed to accommodate extra pressure by the manufacturers. Since wheel spacers usually push the wheels far from the hub, extra pressure is exerted on the wheel bearing and the axles, these parts are bound to fail within a short time.

c) Based on size of wheel spacers, steering may become difficult as the wider track requires extra effort in order to turn the wheels which in turn brings a lot of difficulties in turning the steering wheel. This will however depend on size of the spacer. A small spacer will have a lesser effect and vice versa.








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